Guest info

For bike rental, questions, touristic information, cycle- and walking routes, the newspaper etc. you can go to the reception. Outside opening hours, the reception can be reached by phone in case of emergency.

Mooi Twente Lodges is a car free park. You can park your can on the central parking area next to the reception.

Bicycle storage
It is possible to store your rented and your own bicycles in our bicycle storage.

Charging point electrical bikes
At the rear of your lodge is a charging point for your e-bike

Bus stop
The closest bus stop is the Larenseweg Markelo

You must vacate the lodge before 10:00 am on the day of departure. You can hand in the key at the reception. If you leave outside the opening hours of the reception, you can leave the key in the grey letterbox at the back at the main entrance of the reception.

What we ask

  • We would appreciate it if you could remove the bedding (except the molton) from the beds. You can leave kitchen- and bath towels and bathrobes in the hallway
  • Clear out the dishwasher
  • Putting small inventory clean in the cabinet
  • Empty the fridge
  • Empty the trash bins and take the garbage to the recycling center of the park. There are separate bins for residual waste, glass and paper
  • To leave the lodge broom clean
  • Set the thermostat to 13 degrees
  • Close all doors and windows
  • To turn off the fireplace, television and lamps
  • Report breakage, loss or defect at the receptionReport damage to the interior and/or the lodge at the reception
call reception


If you see a fire, follow the following steps:

  1. Call in the fire with 112
  2. Call in the fire at the reception +31 (0)547-821000

All the lodges are equipped with fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, foam fire extinguisher and a fire blanket.


The AED is located on the backside of the reception at the main entrance.

A First-aid kit is located at the reception.

General Practitioner Markelo
General practice Rosing and Bruins-Slot
Burgemeester de Beaufortplein 3a, Markelo
Phone. +31 (0)547-361201

Emergency post Deventer – Evening/night/weekend
Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75, Deventer
Phone. +31 (0)570 501777

Dental practice Markelo
Goorseweg 4, 7475 BD Markelo
Phone. +31 (0)547-380586

Animation program
During the summer holiday there is an animation program at Landgoed Kattenbergse Hoeve. Guests of Mooi Twente Lodges are most welcome to participate. For more information see:

Guests of Mooi Twente Lodges are most welcome to use the playground of Landgoed Kattenbergse Hoeve.

Sports fields
Next to Landgoed Kattenbergse Hoeve is a sports field. As a guest of Mooi Twente Lodges you can use this.

Swimming pool
Guests of Mooi Twente Lodges can use the swimming pool of Landgoed Kattenbergse Hoeve for free, opened from Ascension Day until September (depending on the weather). The public pool in Markelo (indoor and outdoor with water slides) is just 2 kilometers away.

Mooi Twente Lodges is an environmentally conscious park. We kindly ask you to separate the waste in the recycling center.

Using a gas BBQ is allowed. BBQ on coals or open fire such as a fire pit is prohibited due to the wooded area.

Vacuum cleaner
There is no vacuum cleaner in the lodge. You can pick up a vacuum cleaner at the reception if you wish to use it. After use we request that you return the vacuum cleaner to reception as soon as possible.

It is possible to welcome visitors in your lodge during your stay. When staying overnight, the costs of the city tax will be charged.

In the closet of the master bedroom you will find the safe. Do not leave money or valuables unattended in your lodge. Mooi Twente Lodges is not liable for loss or theft of personal property.

If you have a comment or complaint, please contact the reception. We will always try to resolve the complaint immediately.

Extra towels are available at reception for a fee. Dirty towels can be handed in at reception and a laundry bag can be collected for them. The laundry bag remains the property of Mooi Twente Lodges.

It is forbidden to smoke in the lodge, in the doorway of the lodge and in the Spa. If we find that smoking has occurred in any of these areas we will have to charge a fine of €250.

Washing service
If you want to use the launderette at Landgoed Kattenbergse Hoeve, you can buy tokens at the reception.

call reception

During your stay, you can use Mooi Twente Lodges’ bathrobes for a fee. The bathrobes remain the property of Mooi Twente Lodges.

Enjoy Rituals’ skincare and fragrance products. More than 70% of the formulas of personal care products are composed of at least 90% natural ingredients. All formulas you rinse off are already biodegradable.

The Spa is suitable for 4 persons. In order to manage the water quality as well as possible, we ask you to shower before use, not to add bath oil, bath foam, shampoo or soap to the Spa. After every departure, the Spa is completely emptied and cleaned, refilled with tap water and the water is chemically brought up to a good pH and the correct value of freely available chlorine. Furthermore, it is forbidden to smoke and to consume food and drinks in the Spa. Be careful with glass. Read the instruction manual before use. In the Spa you can relax indefinitely, but due to noise nuisance for other guests until 23:00 / 11:00 p.m.

Check out the spa manual

The sauna is suitable for a maximum of 2 persons. We ask you to read the instruction manual that you can find further on this page before use. it is forbidden to smoke and to consume food and drinks in the sauna. Use a towel to sit on it. For safety reasons, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the sauna unsupervised.

Check out the sauna manual

Daily groceries
The Plus Market Blankhorst in Markelo delivers your groceries.


Bistro de Hoeve

  • Bread service
  • Breakfast shop
  • Snacks & take away meals

Bistro “de Hoeve“ on Landgoed Kattenbergse Hoeve offers a fun and affordable menu.
Next to Bistro de Hoeve is a breakfast shop (opened during holidays and in the summer season). You can get various fresh bread rolls from the local bakery, smoothies, various juices, a luxury breakfast basket and groceries.


Snacks und (Take-away) Mahlzeiten

Shopping evenings
Thursday in Markelo, Rijssen, Hengelo, Enschede, Deventer. Friday in Goor

Il Campanile – Italian specialty restaurant
Benvenuti, Pia, Gaetano und Riccardo Torella welcome you to their Italian restaurant where you can enjoy all the beautiful things that the Neapolitan cuisine has to offer.
According to the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, ‘Il Campanile’ can count itself as one of the best Italian restaurants in the Netherlands!
A good quality product is the basis of our kitchen. We serve Italian dishes with a personal touch. We are proud that we can let you enjoy all the beautiful things that Italian cuisine has to offer.

’t Wapen van Markelo
Coffee – Lunch – Supper – Drinks
Restaurant ’t Wapen van Markelo is a family business and has existed since 1939. Over the years, our company has grown into an authentic and contemporary restaurant where passion for food is absolutely central. Our inspired chefs provide tasty dishes every day, combining fresh seasonal dishes with enduring specialties. Will you also come to enjoy this authentic ambiance in the heart of Markelo?

Grand Cafe de Kroon
Twente nostalgia with a modern twist, something for everyone, young and old. That is Grand Café de Kroon in the center of Markelo.
A friendly, atmospheric and accessible catering facility for a delicious lunch or dinner, and also a drink in the cafe with billiards.

Bistro de Tasca
Coffee – Lunch – Supper – Drinks
Bistro de Tasca stands for products from its own yard and the Twente countryside with Spanish and Italian influences. In the cheerful ‘old with new’ farm you can relax with a drink and tapas in front of the fireplace or on the terrace or an extensive dinner.